fredag 18. mars 2011

Moonlight Bends Over The Black Silence

Moonlight bends over the black silence,
Making it bloom to wild-flowers of sound
That only green things can hear.
A wind sprawls over an orchard,
Frightening its silent litany to sound.
A thread of star-light has fallen to this tree
And curls among its leaves, tangling them to silence. . . .
Standing amidst these things, Beloved,
We feel the words our hearts cannot form.

Maxwell Bodenheim

* * * * * * * * * *
i know i know i know what i am chasing
i know i know i know that this is changing me
i am flying on a star into a meteor tonight
i am flying on a star

(R.E.M.: Überlin) 

mandag 14. mars 2011

In between

I dag har jeg vært til Hoddevik og Ervik, i nydelig ettervintervær, sammen med Oddvar. Begge disse bildene er fra Ervik. Videreføring av tema i forrige blogginnlegg.

Gate to Forever and the Sea

Between Earth and Sky

* * * * * * * * * *
Remember those walls I built 
Well, baby they're tumbling down 
And they didn't even put up a fight 
They didn't even make up a sound

(Beyoncé: Halo)

Livets gang

* * * * * * * * * *
Every day is new again 
Every day is yours to win 
And that's how heroes are made

(R.E.M.: Every Day Is Yours To Win)